We are suppliers of peanuts from Uganda to Asia, Middle East and Europe. We provide high-quality peanuts to the export market. We source our peanuts from family growers in Uganda.

Peanuts seeds are rich sources of minerals. Uganda is one of the largest growers of the peanuts in Africa and peanuts are only second to beans among all the leguminous plants under cultivation in the country. Current estimates put the total area under the cultivated crop to be about 275,000 hectares.

About peanuts

As a produce rich in minerals and protein, it is a must-have for the nut lover. Each bite of groundnuts provides the body with 36 percent of the daily value (dv) of dietary fiber for good digestion. The protein content is among the highest in leguminous fruits at 52 percent dv. The lack of vitamin C in the fruit gets compensation from iron deposits of 25 percent of the daily value for offering immunity to chronic diseases. This is followed by potassium which balances the electrolyte part of blood at 20 percent dv. The level of vitamin B-6 is 15 percent while that of magnesium for strong bone structure is 42 percent dv.

Our sources of peanuts

We source peanuts from almost every part Uganda. However, the main districts where we source and consolidate peanuts include Gulu, Tororo, Mbarara, Mbale and Apac. All our family growers own less than two acres of land where they grow the crop under organic means.

We harvest Uganda groundnuts through the agency of our produce agents who guide farmers to harvest on the fourth month after planting. We check that the leaves have changed from green to brownish yellow, a sign of maturity. We then dig out the underground pods after inspecting that they have dark nuts in their interiors.

We then sun-dry the pods in full sunshine to extract moisture followed by the cleaning and sorting processes. After sorting and removing any debris from the pods, we then shell Uganda peanuts using hand-aided machines. The tools shell about 50 kilos of the nuts each hour. This is a faster process than that of rubbing the thin pod between the fingers and exposing the nuts.

We pack Uganda groundnuts in 20 cubic feet gunny bags. These contain a vacuum fill which keeps the produce, no matter the volume, free of any air contamination. We also take advantage of the curved shape of the seeds to pack them interlocked. This leaves no space between the nuts and reduces shakiness during transportation.

We also pack the nuts in plastic packets that are easily portable in their small sample sizes. Each has a polyethylene lining to keep the cargo well-hydrated throughout the transportation duration. They are also transparent to showcase the rich color of the peanuts.

We store Uganda groundnuts temporarily in our cold rooms at freezing point. This keeps the nuts fresh for longer than their shelf life. Our transportation vans also maintain 0° Celsius maximum temperature through their refrigerated interiors. The custom cargo arrives at the Entebbe airport on the same day of packing and if it is a small cargo, on the same day of harvesting.

We only solicit our produce from family growers who have acquired Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) certifications. Besides providing the best quality, we offer an exact quantity per your tonnage specifications. We also tailor the prices to suit your budget. You can begin by making an order today!

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