1. A virtually painless transition to a new sourcing strategy, a change resulting in the benefits of Economy of Scale or par level spend, but much greater flexibility, based on Farm Spectrum’s deep domain expertise, organization, and service capabilities and deliverables.
  2. Reduced administrative cost, through invoice consolidation – shifting to a single invoice from Farm Spectrum that eliminates the complexity of having to verify, match, audit and pay freight bills for the dozens of regional
  3. Expanded capabilities and capacity with no increase in total cost, as contracting with Farm Spectrum essentially gives you a dedicated expert without increasing transactional costs.
  4. Compliance and streamlined delivery/receiving work process, based on Farm Spectrum’s ‘standardization’ across all transport legislation and disciplines from cradle to grave
  5. Reduced time to resolve delivery issues, by virtue of having Farm Spectrum as the single point of contact just one call +254701664056